I have been interested in photography since I was a little girl, taking snapshots of friends, family and places I visited.  In college I took a photography class that introduced me to the SLR and to making images rather than snapshots.  I was captivated by the idea, and spent many hours recording the bare trees in my neighborhood.


Then adulthood i.e. job, children, home became my focus, and out came my point and shoot and more snapshots of children, family and places we visited.  Once my children grew older, my camera was packed away.

In the intervening years, my life changed many times, and I began to look for ways to express myself regarding all that was happening.  During this period, the magic of digital imaging replaced film, and armed with a new DSLR, I began my search for myself.


The use of macro-focus to convey singularity has become my passion.  I use my lens to find the survivors, the uniquely detailed, the imperfect, that undefined quality in everything that makes the world a mysterious and sometimes lonely place.


As I get older, I have become interested in the idea of conveying the passage of time, and am expanding my view to encompass wider vistas. The old, abandoned, forgotten and places that time has left behind fascinate me.  Finding and sharing the beauty hidden through my photographs, I hope to depict the world with a reflective eye, and in terms of singularity, whether it is in detail, separation or solitude.


I am privileged to have had my work exhibited at The Watermark Galleries in St. James NY www.watermarkgalleries.com, and at Middle Country Public Library in Centereach, NY.


To view my most recent work, please follow me on Instagram @ersalerno and on Facebook @ESalernoPhotography.